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Random new pics

Some random pics, weird the last two didnt come up, ah well
Guess thats life.
Ps im in vancouver if you need to get a hold of me call my cell, otherwise email me

Friday, June 02, 2006


So ive been to mexico, ive been to seoul, ive been to bejing, but i have never seen madness and insanity like there is in dehli. I love it here. The people are hillarious. Everyone wants to know where im from and if I want my skate shoes polished. I have a thousand cabbies a day asking me if i want a free ride, and even more people telling me to come look at their shops. It totally feels like an ancient city out of a fictional novel. I am so amazed and confuse but its great. It is quite the adventure when just walking down the side walk.
Dehli is busy 25 hours a day. There are always car horns and smog, but its fun none the less.

So i just got back from treking in the Himalayas. It was intense. Three days up the mountains from an elevation of 7000 feet to an elevation of 12000 feet. It all started with ride in one of the radest (and i did say radest) jeep/truck/ indian-vehicle-thingy ever. We were driving on a single lane gravel road at speeds of 60km/h honkng at every turn, almost hitting other cars. On winding mountain roads that frodo himself would be terrified to walk on let alone drive.

2000 feet of mountain on one side and a 2000 foot cliff on the other only becomes terrifying when your driver desides to drive toward the cliff side inorder to avoid an oncoming bus. Skidding to a stop with one wheel in a rut which is created by the road eroding down the cliff is quite thrilling. Needless to say my mother would have died of fear within the first mile, and the further we went from civilization the more thrilling it became. At points our truck barely fit on the road. and we had to back up for a mile so that a bus could pass us.

The hike was beautiful and strenuious. I got altitude sickness at about 11000 feet, I felt like i was sleeping while i was walking and got such bad tunnel vision that i could only see the person infront of me's boot heels. Apparently this is the result of lack of oxygen to the brain. If you notice any spelling mistakes in my blog, just blame it on that.

anyway im here till the 6th so ill try and post another blog soon.

miss you all, especially those in korea or abroad. cant wait to see yah. Rob

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pictures Pictures everywhere and not a drop to drink.

ME in SANFRAN. Alcatraz

My sis's last day working the border. good times

the redwoods are this big

If that isnt a wicked pic of my truck i dont know what is. please note the banged up bumper. oh to 4x4 with no care for my precious truck.

Random fire after kiki's last test. out back of the church. pretty sweet.

Pictures of korea and my wacky friends there.

Look, over yonder, a pool...

Lets go swimming on the roof of the hammilton hotel in february

Hite... Its Shite but its cheap and thats all that matters.

Lydia and Nathan, looking stoic as usual

Dan, Strong like Ox, Ripping whole fonebooks in a single bound

I think its broken... Maybe I shouldnt be standing infront of the sun eh?





Tuesday, April 11, 2006

blitzkrieg posting

gotta make this short cuz i have to get up for a dentist appointment tommorrow. anyway just got back from san fran. it was a good trip. Im getting a new computer soon, so when i do i will up date my blog more often.
sorry i havent put any pictures up for those of you that are in korea the beard trim pictures are hillarious. in the next 2 weeks they will be up.
the san fran pics are great. Im going 4x4 camping this weekend. then just chilling till may 19th when i go to india.
im taking a summer school class at TWU from may 1 to may 18 (its math 190) should be fun.
cant wait to take the roof off the 4runner.
Life in Vancouver is really expensive, im blowing through my cash, which is ok cuz im going to be doing some work soon anyway.
rock on welp if i dont get into UBC or TWU in September im coming back to Korea.
ANyway sorry its so short, gotta go to bed.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oh Kanada, We stand on Guard for thee

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls may I have your attention please. It is official, The news is in. None other than Mr Lobot Tegelberg has returned to the left coast of canada!!! I am home. I Came, I Saw, And I Conquered........................................................ the clay cliffs of point roberts!!!
Ps andrea i hope you liked the ...'s I did it just for you. On a side note. I am home, I am also Beardless!!!
Well its good to be back in Kanada, even if the culture shock is killing me. I went to richmond the other day to hang out with asians. I needed some black haired people surrounding me, wondering what the heck i was doing in their country. Yohan center and parker place are pretty good for that. I also discovered a chinese pc bang there. Gotta go game with them sometime.
Its good to drive the truck again, but it is really weird to be home. Im seriously thinking about coming back to korea in the near future. I also may be going to india with my church in May, if i do i will get my return ticked delayed when we transfer through seoul and ill come visit some of you for a couple days.
Dang I miss korea. Everything here is so expensive. The 711 employees are so rude. And nobody ever wants to come up to me and talk on the street. Heck people dont even look at me anymore.
But it is good to see friends. Cant wait till some of my Korean-kanadian friends come back.
Miss you all, Rob

Some Pictures of my last few weeks in korea!!!Matt with a mop of a dog. Just a random off the street.
Kev with his typical kev pose and Jamie with his too.
Welp I didnt do much hunting in korea, but if I ever go back now I know where to go to get my mule skinned.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Eating San Nak Ji Gives You Messed Up Dreams!!!

Me with a big ugly moving piece of Octopus
Due to their sticky nature it is unbelievably difficult to pick them off the plate.

Hee Jun, Andrea, Mi Kyong

Some raw fish and some cooked fish in the foreground

A plate of live Octopus. MMMMM Delicious.

Welp ive pretty much done everything i could have imagined here in korea. Its coming down to the end and im finishing off with a bang, and/or a slurp, squiggle, squiggle. So last night I went out with andrea, 미경(Mi Kyong) , 수진(Su Jin), and 희준(Hee Jun), some korean teachers from our school. Mi kyong's little sister came too.
We went out for San Nak Ji (live octopus) which was a ... hmmm how to discribe it... an experiance.

The octopus was actually pretty good. The more i ate the easier it was to get over the fact that the food was moving in my mouth and sticking to my cheek. Along with octopus we had many side dishes. The side dishes were raw fish, silk worm larvi and a bunch of weird looking vegetables.

So i ate a wack load of octopus and a bunch of the silk worm larvi and had a great time of it. We finished off the night around one or two and i went home. Here is where the story really begins. I got home and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth when low and behold i discovered a small piece of octopus squirming around in my molars. Awesome i thought, nothing better than going out with a bunch of girls and discoving that you have food in your teeth, let alone a piece of moving octopus.

I am officially hardcore. that is all there is to say about it.
Word to the wise: When eating live octopus be sure to have lots of liquids to drink. They dont like being out of the water, it being their home and all. You have to keep them hydrated otherwise they might die, and we wouldnt want that now would we.. Also appologizing to the octopus as you shread its leg with your teeth is always an amusing thing for the koreans to watch. Thanks andrea for that one.

Well i never got around to eating dog soup or dog meat but hey maybe ill come back to korea in a couple of years, so there is always time for it in the future.

Closing statement: Korea is Rad!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blog tag... thanks sarah what are we in high school again or something?

Blog Tag

Sweeping the blogging nation....

4 jobs I have held:
1. ESL Teacher/ Book writer/ journal marker... boo to journals...
2. Janitor. Yes i did say Janitor. Quite possibly the best job ever, next to teaching in korea that is.
3. Protonics chemical corp. Lets just say that burning your chin with sulphric acid is a great way to start your first day at a new job
4. Many Many dead end jobs. Oh how i love dead end jobs that ruin my body for ten bucks an hour.

4 movies I can watch over and over:

  1. Disneys Robin Hood
  2. Requiem for a dream
  3. Braveheart
  4. 1000 other movies which i cant recall at present

4 places I have lived:

  1. Chang-Dong, Seoul, Horea.
  2. Chang-Dong, Seoul, Jorea.
  3. Chang-Dong, Seoul, Borea.
  4. Tsawwassen, BC, Canada.

4 TV shows I love to watch:

  1. Stargate SG1 ( i know im a nerd. get over it! PS MY MOM THINKS IM COOL!)
  2. Simpsons
  3. Alias
  4. 1000 other shows that i like to watch but cant remember at present

4 places I have been on vacation:

  1. America (all of it minus the east coast)
  2. Canada (The west half/the most important half)
  3. Cannon Beach oregon (second best place in the world/second to the clay cliffs in point bob)
  4. China.
Nothing better than a good olde fashion road trip... note the spelling of old...

4 of my favourite dishes:

  1. Meat!!! (what other food is there? I mean seriously i am a meat a-terian)
  2. Apple pie.
  3. Sushi (yes, AJ, raw fish is where it's at...)
  4. Malibu and coke. (Not a dish but lovely none the less. heck i dont even like the malibu i just like the idea of cocanut flavored coca-cola)

4 websites I like to visit daily:

  2. Google.
  3. My blog.
  4. Kiki's blog

4 places I would rather be right now:

  1. The clay cliffs (go figure eh andrea)
  2. In bed.
  3. In my truck off roading.
  4. Cannon beach Oregon.

4 people I am tagging:

  1. Preston Manning.
  2. Stanley Berntine.
  3. Tony Parsons.
  4. You.
No one is alowed to bug me for writing this blog and not writing other blogs. i dont have a computer and i just copy and pasted from sarah's blog. it took five minutes. Get over it. I write when i can. (I love you all and im just bugging you cuz your always bugging me.... ;)

Miss you all see you soon.

Monday, February 06, 2006

supposedly there is flooding in delta... rock on. I guess that will cut down traffic on beach grove road haha

so its been a long time since ive blogged. been really busy getting ready to come home. should be home middle of march. I have been substitute teaching at junggye while two of the teachers are on vacation. It is so fun to teach. I have really missed it while doing this new job. Ive been marking journals full time which really sucks but hey it doesnt matter im almost finished.
Im excited to come home and see people and see trees/mountains and stars again. But i think i will really miss korea. I feel like ive just settled in here. I have my routines and my friends here. It will be weird to go home. I guess i can always come back later if i want to.
Anyway miss you all. I have to keep this short cuz i have to teach in 5 min.
See you all soon.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Welcome to the day after yesterday can i give you a hand with your stress sandwich.

Well I have recovered from the mass invasion that was hurricane Kiki. It was an awesome vacation with kiki here in korea. I got some sweet pictures of christmas but i dont have time to post them now. Maybe ill do it this weekend when i spend 10 hours in a PC room updating my new Ipod!!! Hooraah!!!

Please note that Kiki brought me my $2 sally anne hat from canada!!! Righteous. Also note that i have since had 2 different Koreans approach me on the street wanting to buy my hat off me. I have also had many points and comments and stares of wonder.

On a side note for all of you. My life is chaos right now. Its not chaotic. Its just plain Chaos. School is krazy. I am no longer teaching. Supposedly im writing books for the school and marking 500-600 journals every 2 weeks. Hmmm well thats not to bad its just that no one will give me a clear idea of what they want me to write.
Oh well. Maybe I will come home a writer. I figure it will be pretty good work experiance.

Anyway thats bout all for today. Ill post again this weekend.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

everybody's always on my back to write more blogs.... arg i dont even have a computer. haha

so kiki is coming to korea tommorrow. i am totally stoked!!! I cant wait to see her. I love my sister so stinking much.

SO its been a really long week this week, what with all the early mornings and late nights. Wednessday was get up early to go pay for the dmz tickets. Wed night was a late night of Xbox due to the fact that i bought 7 new games last weekend. PS Gauntlet is the new version of Gauntlet legends (remember that one everyone wants to play when your taking the ferry to Van Isle) Wicked good.

Thursday was early meeting at jungae plus (why can i never spell korean words... hooked on phonics is crap in korea) then late night plus christmas party. It was pretty good. Andrea and I ate with Kim and Jamie from the other school and chatted about books and bathroom graffitti, lets just say it was a rather interesting conversation. I was also forced to do the toast at the begining of the meal which was dumped on me 5 minutes before I had to do it. Lets just say it was short and very meaningful. By meaningful I mean "Thanx plus, Merry christmasm, and Gam bae" (which is korean for cheers) . It was fun.

Friday morning ARGH!!! I had to get up super early to take an hour and a half subway across seoul to have my degree checked by immigration. I was not at all happy about that one. None the less it has been a week of excitement cuz kiki is comeing and i get to take a vacation to hang out with her. Nothing and nobody id rather hangout with. except maybe my dead dog abe but i guess theres no chance of him making it here for christmas.

Couple weeks ago was a christmas party at my house. PRetty chill if you wanna see pictures of it check andreas site. TK was in town so that was fun. He was staying at Jamie and Jennicas and crashed at my place on sat night. Man its been good to see people from home. Did i mention the fact that i cant wait to see KIKI!!!!!!!

Peace and merry christmas.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

he's flushin toilet paper down the chimney again...

So here goes. Last weekend was pretty stinken awesome. Everybody had something going on saturday night, and i had probably 4 different invites to do something, alas i decided to bail on everyone and spend some high quality time on my couch watching all three Indiana Jones movies back to back and eating pizza. Oh darn i still have to return those dvd's... ah well.

I have been wanting to go to the sauna for bout two weeks now but stuff keeps coming up and im just too darn lazy to walk there in the cold. Its getting really bloody cold here. It snowed yesterday and its still november!!! can you believe that, snow in november, ridiculous.

As for sunday welp, i slept in again and met up with Matt and Andrea and a bunch of others at a coffee shop in Gannam, where we got stoked for American Thanx Giving Dinner. We proceeded to the church and waited on a bus for two hours starving for turkey.... (i must insert here that my stomach was empty save for the cafe mocha that i had devoured 3 hours prior). After an extremely long bus wait we arrived at Yongsan Army Base. We entered the base which is like small town america in the middle of korea, complete with taco bell and drivethrough burger king.

The Turkey dinner was hosted at the Imfamous Dragon Hill Lodge. Glorious i tell you. I was table 15 Matt and Andrew were just across the table cut line (the north korean border as we called it) on table 14. Lets just say that my table went about 4 tables before Matt's table which was last. I loaded up on turkey and stuffing at the all you can eat buffet type thing that you might find in an exclusive golf and country club. I returned to our table with Westly (one of kevin's friends) and downed the food in time to return to the line for seconds before matt had even left the line.

Turkey = Glorious

Last night was Pool night with the boys from nowon. Pretty fun and chill time over all.
Yup that has been a Weekend in review. Like every other week here, not too much new has been going on. Well wait i almost forgot...

So yesterday i was in class, my students were doing a test and out of nowhere a girl at the back looks up and projectile vomits all over the two boys sitting infront of her. I just cant understand how koreans cant control their bodly functions enough to run to a bathroom or at least puke out the window, Nope they just look up and vomit. The look on their faces was priceless, the boys were in shock and had not really understood what had just happend. I told the girl to run to the bathroom and clean up, then i proceeded to evacuate the children from the classroom which had just become a biohazard zone. Man it was hillarious. I guess thats the way life is.